The Journey Back to Tunisia

Here are photos from our long, slow journey back to Tunis! STEP 1: Rent a car & drive to Chicago [Monday, September 14] STEP 2: get tested for COVID-19 [Tuesday, September 15] STEP 3: Wait for results [Wednesday, September 16] STEP 4: Check-in at O’Hare & fly to Paris (note the empty check-in hall; it […]

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A window into language learning

Many of the expats living and working in Tunisia employ a language acquisition model known as the Growing Participator Approach, or GPA for short. It is a highly interactive model and seeks to emulate the natural process children use when learning their native language. Below is a brief video of Shana’s “nurturer” conducting a session […]

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Back to blogging!

Welcome! Back in 2009, I started a photo blog documenting my time in China. It was called “A Few Thousand Words A Week.” The idea was to post a few pictures every week and let them speak for themselves. That’s not really how it shook down, but the blog is still out there somewhere, lingering […]

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