Back to blogging!


Back in 2009, I started a photo blog documenting my time in China. It was called “A Few Thousand Words A Week.” The idea was to post a few pictures every week and let them speak for themselves. That’s not really how it shook down, but the blog is still out there somewhere, lingering on the interwebs…

Now, almost a decade later, I’ve relocated to Tunisia and I’m introducing “A Few Thousand More…” The name is a nod to its predecessor, but the idea is a little different. This will be a place to post little snippets of life that don’t have a place in my update letters or on my Instagram accounts, including some short videos. I hope you find something here to enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Back to blogging!

  1. Another good idea a globetrotting savant. Looking forward to reading about what inspires you—and likewise being inspired. Gospeed, Brother!


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