Micro Greens & Subbing (Pre-Coronavirus)

Back in the fall, before the pandemic took hold, we found some things to keep us busy and help life feel more normal during this transitional year. For Shana, it meant subbing at the local charter school. While subbing does not afford the same level of involvement that teaching does, she enjoyed remaining connected to the world of education.

Now that the crisis has forced all schools to close their doors, she is pursuing consulting and mentoring opportunities, helping new teachers hone their skills over Zoom. For me, on the other hand, it was helping a local farmer in his green house. He runs a micro-greens business and I have really enjoyed learning about it. Below are some pictures of the facilities and the type of tasks I did for him:Though it had affected our ability to participate in public efforts of education and agriculture, the mandate to “shelter in place” has not crippled my ability to provide member care services to our personnel, both near and far. We are also turning our attention to personal projects and playing lots of board games, but we always play lots of games, so what else is new?!

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